The Sin of my words…

My words were betraying me.

I thought of writing about the most beautiful thing that recently came into my life. But my words were refraining me. They gave me an angry look and said, “You fool! How dare you even think about committing such a sin? How dare you think of writing about the ‘one unlimited beauty’ in your scanty limited vocabulary?”

I knew.

That I was going to commit an unforgivable sin, I knew.

And I knew that try as I may, to the best of my skills, I would never be able to do justice to that ‘one immaculate perfection’ of nature.

Still, I knew, I must persist…

the sin

Of all my little imagination, all my thoughts, and of all my vast limited vocabulary, I would choose the best, weave them together, and carve the most beautiful ‘jewel of beauty’ for her.

I know that  ‘the jewel of beauty’ would be but a mere piece of stone in her presence.

But I shall bring that jewel in her presence and say that, “I have crafted the most beautiful piece of jewel, in all the seven heavens, for you… But it needs one last finishing touch.”

Then I would spread my arms with jewel in front of her.

I know that she will know exactly what I mean by ‘One last finishing touch’.

She would laugh at my innocence. But then she would take that piece of stone in her hand… to give it ‘the last finishing touch’.

And the stone would turn into the most beautiful piece of jewel in all the seven heavens, as the stone would then be an imitation of that ‘One unlimited beauty’.

And the sin of my words may then be forgiven…



A Lost Purpose…

All my thoughts and actions, until the time, had a secret purpose behind. I was able to breathe because my breathe had a purpose.

It was you… My purpose of life.

When I realized that you are no longer a part of my life…  images (4)

My life lost its purpose…

All my thoughts and actions are in vain…

My breathe became purposeless…

Tell me… How a man, having lost the purpose of his life, would survive??

A Very Busy Day…

Dude1: Hey Dude2! How ya doing? You know it was quite a busy day for me.

Dude2: Hey Dude1! I am doing great. Although I don’t want to know, but tell me anyways about your busy day.

Dude1: Haa! I knew it. Of all the people, you would be the one to hear me every time.

Dude2: Whatever. Let’s finish with what you have to tell me about your “BUSY” day.

Dude1: (Laughing) HaHa… I love your little jokes. You know, I was reading a research article in the morning. It was really interesting.

Dude2: (Caught with surprise…) Were you really? Tell me about it.

Dude1: Yeah! I was. There were some terms in the article which I didn’t know about. So I searched for them in the browser window on my tablet… And just for the sake of it, I logged into my Facebook profile in another tab.


And then it was like magic. I scrolled down and down. And it kept rolling further downwards. I couldn’t believe I had so much to catch upon since last night. Lots of people to be wished happy birthdays… Lots to be wished anniversary… Lots of comments to be liked, posts to be shared on my wall… Thousands were waiting for my reply on the photos of their babies, spouses, puppies, cats, their new houses, new cars, their titanic pose on a small boat… and millions of other things. And you know what, you gotta think before you write to anyone, because you want your comment to sound unique.

guy on compp

(Dude1 pauses again to wait for any comment to come from Dude2. But it doesn’t come. So he continues again…)

Then I found a couple of my old friends who were very kind enough to talk to me about the old times, about their present lives. And together we shared the anecdotes of ‘our wonderful miserable monotonous melancholic lives’.  It was really good to talk to them you know.

And you won’t believe Dude2, continues Dude1 further, I spent my entire day scrolling downwards and working. It was kinda really hectic you know.

Dude2: (Getting annoyed and still waiting for any slightest information about the article.) So how was the article anyways?

Dude1: (Thinking…) what article?

Dude2: (Doing his best in hiding the sarcasm and anger from his face…) Oh never mind. You have, after all, spent a very busy and hectic day. You should better relax now.

And the train moves on…


There is a train.

One quite big and massive.

There are an infinite number of compartments in it. And infinite number of passengers.Infinite because no one has ever counted them until the end.

Tamanna was travelling with her family.

They were in one of the many compartments of the train. There was her grandparents, mom, dad, her brother. There were her other relatives who were in nearby compartments. Sometimes they comes to visit them in their block and sometimes Tamanna went there to visit them.

As she was growing up, the train was moving forward from station to station. She even made some friends in her compartment.

She was having a lovely time with her family. Her grandfather often told her stories of his life. Her grandmother taught her various exciting things. And she enjoyed to be in their company so much.

One day train stopped at a station. And her grandparents got off of the train. It was their destination.

Tamanna was very sad at their departure. She cried and cried and cried. She wished they would come back again at some other station. But they never did. And she had to live with their memories.

She was an adult now and she had to move to other nearby compartment to pursue her career. She however often came to visit her parents in their home compartment.

As she was getting busy in her new life, she found her love and got married. Together they settled in a different compartment. She was enjoying her new life.

She often saw people getting off the train at different stations and never coming back. At times she heard about some of her distant relatives getting off at different stations.

And she wondered, “Where do these people go? And why do they never come back?”

She was now a mother of a boy. And she got busy in raising her child. Life was pretty good.

Then one day train stopped again at a station.

And this time it was her mother who got off. It was the most painful experience for Tamanna. She missed her mother badly. But there was nothing she could do. And she knew that one day she too have to get off at her station.

After a couple of stations, her father too got off at one of the station, leaving her all alone.

She wondered that, “Whether her dad would meet her mom there? Whether they would meet her grandparents as well? And would I be meeting any of them when I gets off?”

She even wondered that, “What if they all boards different trains after getting off from this? And if so, then where do those other trains take them?”

She had no answer to any of these questions. Nobody did. There were only theories and guessing.

She spent quite a lovely time with her husband and her son. Her son was now a grown up man and he had settled in some other distant compartment with her wife.

Eventually she got old. And one day the train stopped at another station once again.

She knew that it was now her time to get off.

And so she got off…

And the train moved on… 

Have you made your choice?

Life is a multiple choice question.

Every time we do something or don’t, we makes a choice. Knowingly or unknowingly…Willingly or unwillingly… It doesn’t matter. Either way we have to choose.

But what matters is that — What after the choice is made?”

“Was it a good choice or a bad one?”

“How would your choice of this choice affect all your future choices?”

And after having made our choice we might wonder — “What if… I have made a wrong choice?”

Well the truth is that — “The TRUTH is also a choice.”

We can either choose to believe or not to believe.

When we choose to believe it, the TRUTH is TRUTH for us. But the same truth, when we choose not to believe it, IS A LIE for us.

The same way we have to choose between right or wrong.

Nothing in the world is RIGHT or WRONG. But the moment you makes a choice — it becomes YOUR Right or Wrong.

Let’s not be stuck here forever. There are millions of other choices to be made going forward.Once you have made your choice, stand with it until the end.

Because if you won’t… No one else will.

Every minute, every second…life is moving forward. And so shall we.

Remember. Nothing can be bad; nothing can go wrong… unless YOU choose it to be so.

Right here we can choose to be RIGHT… Right here we can make a choice to be HAPPY…

Life is a multiple choice question. Doesn’t matter.

What matters is:

What choices have we made and What choices we will make. That makes us “Who we Are.”

Everyday we makes that one choice which keeps us going.


I have made my choice.

Have you made yours??


Life… What is life?

Every single day we are living it.
Yet, no one has a perfect answer to this simple question.
Neither do I, I guess.
Even though every single day we put efforts in living.
We wake up first thing in the morning.
We all follow some of the rituals afterwards.
We eat. We take bath. We go to schools to learn. We work hard to earn dimes for supporting ourselves and our families. We go out to enjoy with friends and family. We care. We love. We hate. We feel jealous of some people. We admire some people. We gets tired. We keeps track of the world around us. We colonize. We build relations. We marry. We reproduce. We have faith. We follow different deities. We grow old. We advice people. We have our remorses. We have our own sorrows. We have our own happy moments to remember for eternity. We seek forgiveness. We forgive. We lie. We tells truth. We stands up for someone. We have someone to stand up for us. We break someones heart. We gets our heart broken. We commit mistakes. We win sometimes. We lose sometimes. We celebrate. And then we die.
We do millions and trillions and bazillions of a number of other things, which happen to be part of living. Each of these things or most of these things together makes a life.
Yet we say that ‘We merely survive’.
And somehow, we have convinced ourselves into believing something horrible.
Often we hear people saying, “Oh man! All this is crap. This is what everyone’s doing. Let’s not get trapped into it. Damn sure, there is some higher purpose for life. And we must seek our purpose in life before we die. Only then we shall be blissfully happy. Let’s not fall prey to all these mundanities of life.”
We have been fooled into believing that there is some higher dimension in life and we all need to find it and go there to experience the blissful happiness.
Some place where all our pains will be taken away and we shall be relieved from everything. Where we will be a ‘free soul’.
Sure you can believe in all this crap. And keep finding your so called higher dimension to be blissful.
Or… You can be happy right now. In this very moment.
Or you can be sad. Or you can feel pain, or pleasure, or guilt, or satisfaction.. or a number of other feelings and emotions.
Why on earth, have we been programmed to believe that we have to be happy, always. That we shouldn’t be sad or angry, or in pain.
Is that really a crime to feel other emotions, other than happiness?
And if it is so. Then why on earth do these emotions and feelings even exist?
There might be some higher purpose… I don’t know.
But, what I know for certain is that,
Life is going on for me.
Right here.
Right now.
In every single moment.
In the moments of pain.
In the moments of pleasure.
I am living when I am sad. I am living when I am happy. I am living when I am with my loved ones. I am living when I am alone. I am living when I feel hatred. I am living when I am in love. And I am living in every single moment.
Each and every one of these emotions, each and every one of these moments defines my life. They make me who am I. They make me feel alive. And for me… This is life.
Goodness only knows, if there is any higher purpose in life for me.
Goodness only can tell, if I be seeking it ever in my life.
But, for seeking that, so called, higher purpose, I can not make excuses, and skip living.
As a saying goes in Hindi- “Aag ka dariya hai.. Aur doob ke jaana hai…”
In order to seek life… One shall not skip living.
P.S. – Thoughts are welcome 🙂

An Entire New World..

magic-bookIndeed… Magic is as real as it is believed.

The other day when I was on my desk..

A couple of white sheets lay upon the table. Petrified.. 

I took out my wand (pen)… swayed it over the dead sheets of paper.

Some magical words weaved in mysterious spells, came out through it…

Hitting straight onto the sheets of papers.

A blinding flash of light all around my eyes…                                                        

And I fell asleep for some time (perhaps eternity)…

When I woke up… I was on a different planet….

Some far away island. And people… Never seen before….

Goodness only can tell!

I gave those dead sheets of paper an entirely new life…

I have created a new world….

Wisdom : The Wrong Wine…

There’s an age old mystery,

                  Sounds like a nursery rhyme..

That tells a seeker,

                  The secret way to the divine..

He whose vessel, overfull with the wisdom,

                  Yet in thirst, he desperately whines..

An unfortunate fellow unto him,

                  The light of divinity shall never shine..

For driven in lust and vanity has he, indeed,

                   Filled his vessel with the wrong wine..


The Warriors of Dark…


They came in night…
The wind began to blew..
Kites in the dark, and faster they flew..
Lighter was the flight, with horror in the night..
Wrapped in black, covered was their face…
Devil in the eyes, Boiling in wrath…

They came in night…
When moon in horror, went out of sight.
But stars burned brighter, to hail their Might…
The warriors of dark…were born to fight..
As for the defeat…
no further, than Years of Light…

When world of wiser, die with the light…
The Warriors of Dark, then rise..
And do justice, to the devil of night…